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Assembling your activity binder

1. Download Activity Binder File

2. Choose some activity pages to print, with the matching velcro attachable pages.

3. Print pages. 

4. Laminate all printed pages. 

Alphabet Pages 1 & 2 with the matching Velcro attachable pieces


Please note: punch holes at the bottom of this page.

5. Cut velcro attachable pieces.

5. Cut velcro attachable pieces.


Please follow instructions on some of the velcro pages. 

Example, Words 1 Velcro, Cut horizontally and then vertically.

6. Add Velcro dots to the activity pages.


Each Activity Page has white circles, which indicate where to place the velcro dots. Please note to use the velcro hook side (rough side) on the activity page. I recommend using 13mm Velcro dots. 

7. Add velcro dots to attachable pieces.


Sticky side up velcro loop


To add the velcro dot to the attachable piece, first place the velcro loop side (soft side) to the activity page, with the sticky side facing up. Look at pictures above.

Then place the attachable piece, on top of the sticky velcro dot. 

Alternatively add the velcro loop to the attachable piece, please check position with the activity page first.

8. Hole punch, in the centre, at the top of each activity page.

    Please note Alphabet Page 1 requires hole punches at the bottom of the page.

    Place in folder.

If you require further instruction,

 feel free to contact me.

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